I do internet and database consulting from my home in the Logan Square area of Chicago, using tools such as Filemaker Pro and Dreamweaver. My systems include the Debian Linux server you're talking to right now, the Power Mac that built this website, and, of necessity, Windows XP.

I've been doing this since 1987 for people and businesses throughout the Chicago area.

The software which started my journey into the world of self-employment was a wonderful Macintosh database development system called Helix. It allowed small businesses to build their own custom databases for much less money than they would pay for an awkward and buggy package from an outside supplier. It empowered them to control their businesses without paying a fortune for an IT department, and it empowered me to live a life of freedom.

Unfortunately, with the decline of Apple's market share, and ownership changes with Helix, that software has fallen on hard times. So now I'm moving on, to Filemaker and Dreamweaver and Linux. The computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s was designed to empower the individual, as was the Internet revolution of the 1990s.

I can be contacted at timfairban@aol.com, or 773-227-7462.