These are the news and politics websites that I read every day:

The Belmont Club
The most interesting blog on the web, focusing on our war with the global jihad, along with related issues. Deeply insightful and sometimes poetic.

The most energetic blog I've ever seen. Glenn Reynolds adds new links every few hours, covering an eclectic range of legal, political and technical topics. If you're bored, go there and explore.

Strategy Page
A window into the world-view of the US military. The authors appear to have personal connections and sources inside the Pentagon.

Opinion Journal
The semi-official homepage of conservative thought in America, and constantly at war with the New York Times editorial page.

City Journal
This site isn't updated every day, but is always stimulating and insightful.

And these are community projects worth knowing about:

Genesis at the Crossroads
Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail
Uptown Writer's Space