Ald. Rey Colon and St. Sylvester Parish sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt in Palmer Square Park on April 8th, 2007, and I was invited to help with the setup. You can see the results in this photo gallery.

By the way, we won the election on April 17th, so Logan Square remains an island of democracy, surrounded by the Machine of Mayor Daley.


My neighborhood of Logan Square is part of the northwest side of Chicago, and is home to both SUV-owning yuppies and graffiti-painting gangbangers.

This sometimes makes for interesting politics.

My favorite issue at the moment is the conversion of the Bloomingdale Trail from an abandoned railway embankment into the elevated superhighway of urban bikepaths. Our elected representatives are all onboard, at the local, state and federal levels. The city planners have approved it. Now all we need is something like $50,000,000 to build it.

Normally I don't approve of earmarks, but all politics is local, and so I'll make an exception in this case..