After thirty years of working with computers and networks, we have all learned a sad truth:

It's a jungle in there.

And to navigate that jungle successfully, you might need to hire a native guide: someone who speaks the language and knows where the quicksand is hidden.

Here are some of the services I've provided for my clients, recently:

Custom computers such as the one pictured, can be built from carefully selected components. That makes them slightly more expensive, but will make you happier in the long run.

Reinstalling Windows XP is necessary after a spyware infection or a major system crash, and is recommended for a new computer that comes with Windows XP Home edition, or any version of Vista.

Website management and creation involves registering the name, setting up an account with a hosting service, and organizing the content. Increasingly it requires configuring web-based applications software, such as shopping carts or content management systems.

Home and small business networking really should be easy enough that a consultant isn't required. After all, don't these things just plug together and work automagically? (Well, yes...sometimes.)

And Filemaker Pro database programming is so complicated that it deserves its own section.

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