These are the computer-related websites that I read every day:

The mother church of geek subculture. A window into the world-view of the free-software community. (But badly in need of an editor. See next entry.)

Linux Weekly News
Edited by Jonathan Corbet, LWN is cool, objective, and grammatically correct. The necessary counter-balance to Slashdot.

Linux Today
Constantly updated, and casting a wide net, Linux Today also seems to sweep in a certain amount of garbage.

As a founding member of the Cult of Macintosh, this is where I go to keep up with latest developments in SteveJobsLand. Sadly, things are not as exciting there as they used to be...

I, Cringley
Robert Cringley has been around forever, and knows where all the bodies are buried. Beyond the technology, he understands the struggle for power that has shaped the computer industry.

Ars Technica
Everything that Wired should have been, but wasn't.