Over the years, I've been involved in some interesting projects. Some were large, some were small.

In 1992, I was working as a database consultant for the American Public Works Association, and when they decided to replace their disfunctional computer system, I was asked to investigate their options.

The result was a project proposal, and then they asked me to be in charge. This was the project that transformed my business.

The next year, after I started participating at Landmark Education, I looked around and noticed that they were still running their business with pencil and paper. As a result, I prepared this proposal for Lisa Levitt, the manager of the Chicago Center. In the end, we managed to bring Landmark out of the '50s and into the '90s.

Finally, I wanted to share a fun little project that I worked on one weekend. You might be curious about the screen capture, above and to the right. This is Mini vMac, a Mac Plus emulator running in a window on my PowerMac. I didn't create Mini vMac; I just used it to run Continuum, a spacewar video game from the 1980s that I had loved, and suddenly felt the urge to play again.

Old software never dies, it just runs forever inside an emulator.

And this is the link to the Flash movie player test-bed page.