JWA Video produces corporate training videos, and sells them through their website, jwavideo.com. This was a challenging project because I needed to convert an existing webstore, using expensive proprietary software, into something that ran for free on Linux. At the same time, I needed to reuse all the product images and descriptions. The solution was to use a free package called Agora.cgi, which was written

Everyone needs a website.

One of the nice things about running my own Linux server is that it's easy and free to create a website for my friends. For example, my brother-in-law, Terry Van Auker, is a master carpenter and designer. His portfolio can be found at tavadesign.com.

My friend Marilyn McConnell is a singer and actress, and has produced her own CD, entitled Tinkets. She was visiting me one night, and wanted some sort of web page of her own, so we:

1. Bought the name marilynmcconnell.com from Register.com
2. Scanned her business card, and made that her home page.
3. Ripped her CD using iTunes, and dumped the MP3 files into here.

The whole process took about 20 minutes.

Dene Hillinger organizes and decorates homes on the North Shore, and also designed a line of custom handbags. The website I built for her, denehillinger.com, shows some of the limitations and awkwardness of using HTML tables to control the layout of a web page. If I were doing it over again today, I would use Cascading Style Sheets.

in the Perl programming language, and works with the Apache web server software, running on Debian Linux.

The system has been running since the spring of 2001, and other than the occasional power failure, has never crashed.