When I built my first webpages, back in 1996, we didn't have Dreamweaver or Cascading Style Sheets. We had raw HTML and a text-editor, and we built websites by hand.

This is actually a great way to learn the basics of web design, and I'm rather attached to some of my earliest efforts. When I redesigned my site, I wasn't willing to lose all trace of what had been the old timfairbank.com. So think of this section as my contribution to the Web 1.0 Archeological Museum:

My dear friend H. J. Turner had a management consulting business that needed an anouncement for an event, and this was the result.

This short essay about Landmark Education addressed some of the controversies of the mid-90s. Someone at Google must have liked it, because it used to be the number 8 hit for "landmark education".

And my fond hopes for the X-33 project never bore fruit, but the dream lives on with Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic.