I sometimes have photos that don't fit anywhere else, but are too juicy not to share.

This, for example, is my dining room table, which is normally covered with computers. (My so-called dining room is actually my computer lab.)

But once a month, everyone in my apartment building gathers for a dinner party,

and I volunteered to host one. (Fortunately for all involved, this didn't require any actual "cooking" on my part.)

If you click on the picture to see the high-res view, you'll see that I even got the silverware in the right places. It's amazing what kind of information Google can provide at the last minute...

Autobiography pictures

In 2000 I did the Wisdom Course at Landmark Education, and part of the homework was to create an autobiography, with one page for each year of my life. Each page had a picture of what I looked like at that age. At some point I may organize all that on webpages, but for the moment, you can see a raw directory listing of the pictures.