This is my Video Gallery, a place to collect and share all of the times that my friends managed to get themselves on TV.

For example, Dene Hillinger was featured in a story by Allison Payne on WGN-TV News at Nine. She worked with a WGN producer, Brittany Abbate, to organize and de-clutter her home.

I was able to record the story on my VCR, and then convert it into two different digital videos. The smaller (7 megabyte) version uses Windows Media Video format, and can be downloaded from here. The higher quality version uses the DivX format, and looks much better...but weighs in at 97 megabytes. It can be downloaded from here.

Pam Hutter is a friend and a consulting client, and has appeared twice on HGTV.

The first story was about an attic conversion, for a client named Ross, and the second was a major upgrade of a studio condo for Uma.

Both videos are in WMV format.

My niece Annie has a boyfriend named Kevin, who she met at the University of Dayton. Kevin would perform a special "towel dance" at halftime of the Dayton Flyers basketball games, and when ESPN covered the big Dayton - Xavier game, he ended up on national television:

Kevin at halftime (1 megabyte WMV file)
Kevin at halftime (13 megabyte DivX file)
Kevin on WDTN news (4 megabyte WMV file)

Finally, my sister Diane is the director of early childhood programs for the Clark County, OH Dept. of Public Health, and created a 30 second TV spot that has been running as a public service announcement.